Prosthetist saves the day

Today was my first Friday physio session and it was grey, sleeting and miserable when we left home, at various places on the journey it was snowing. If you saw the post ‘A day when nothing got done’ you’ll have read that I was having problems with my prosthetic leg, yesterday I didn’t wear it at all. I took the leg and crutches with me to physio, in the hope I might move from the parallel bars to crutches. Alas it was not to be, I didn’t make it as far as the crutches but there was a good reason for this.

I climbed into my leg and started walking between the bars but for some reason I seemed to be scuffing the foot. The physio put on what is like an insole in a little leather saddle to give me a bit more height in the right leg. I also had to take the prosthetic off slightly to twist it around a tads as it had started pointing inwards as I was walking. This alteration seemed to work and I carried on up and down the bars. The more I walked the more confident in the leg I became so I was putting more weight through it. I am still very aware however, that get it slightly wrong and the knee is not locked out properly it will give way, not good. The problem with all this walking was that it just highlighted even more the fact that it was really painful in the groin, pubis area. My Prosthetist was fully booked today but she gave me some time to alter my prosthesis by shaving it down a bit. After some time she came back with the leg and I tried walking with it again, it was better but still felt sore, wasn’t sure if it was digging in or painful from using the prosthesis. She felt the edge and where it was making contact with me and she agreed that there was a bit there that if left could make me sore. Away went the leg for some more work and after a couple of games of Tiny Wings on my phone she was back again. It felt much better and because of the alteration I was no longer scuffing the foot, this meant no further adjustment to the height of the prosthesis was needed. I knew that my prosthetist was really busy and it was so nice of her to fit me in but yet again she did an excellent job, thank you very much!

This afternoon the Christmas decorations went up. This year I was of limited assistance but did well sipping at a Gin & Tonic and sampling the toffees in the Thornton’s Assorted Toffee box. I did help pull all the branches out on the tree and put on some of the decorations. It was a good job I wasn’t on my own as we’d have only had the bottom half of a the tree because I could reach very high in the wheelchair. This evening I pretty much hurt and ache everywhere and I think the bone in the groin/pubis area is bruised so I am not sure if I will be able to wear my leg tomorrow or not, we will have to wait and see.

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