Help for all amputees

Today a package arrived and I noticed by the postmark that it was from the Limbless Association . I had decided to join them the other day and joined as a lifetime member at a cost of £150 as opposed to the yearly £20. There was stacks of brochures and information in the pack as well as a key for hundreds disabled toilets around the country. The Limbless Association also provides its members with legal advice and a whole host of other services. You can become a volunteer who visits other amputees to talk to them and answer questions. I wanted to volunteer but you have to have been an amputee for a minimum of 1 year and have overcome the practical and emotional issues of your own amputation, bit gutting but I can understand why.

When we were driving home from physio yesterday my Dad surprised me with something he said. I asked my Dad if he heard a colleague from OWR (Operation Warriors Return) talk about an ex-Royal Marine who was homeless and found dead in a ditch. My Dad (ex-RAF) had been a member of RAFA (Royal Air Force Association) but said that he was not going to renew again it this year. When I asked why he said that there was a leaflet inside the Christmas card that talked about an RAF airman who had been injured and had an amputation. My Dad said why should he help them when he had me. Part of me agreed with what he was saying as military personnel get loads of quality rehab and top range prosthetics. I agree totally that they should get that help and it is excellent that there are charities around to help them further. I even volunteer with OWR which is a charitable organisation that helps physical and mentally injured Veterans whether that injury occurred while in service or since discharge. There are however, loads of Joe Blogs like me and there seems to be only one quality charity. In some small (but if I can do it in a bigger way then all the better) way I hope to change this and I want to help both military and civilian amputees.

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