A mixed bag

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag really. I had a real pants night, get up a bit late, got a phone call from a friend to say I have inspired them, had a visitor and knackered myself having a hose down. I have been having a few problems with the stump the last few days in two different ways. Firstly there has been a kind of cramping/spasm but not the same as I first got after surgery, this is a more quick acting pain and and feels like someone has just stuck a knife in the stump. I get no warning, I can’t stop it and it is exceptionally painful. I am hoping one of the physios may be able to shed some more light on it tomorrow and I am not sure our theory last week is now valid. The second stump problem is phantom pain which seemed to be becoming increasingly worse again, especially in the late evening and at night. It may just be me feeling a bit under the weather and I have felt a bit out of sorts the last couple of days, I will have to see how I get on over the next few days as I have a couple of big physio sessions coming up.

The friend who called thanked me for some photos they had asked me take for them. They were not up to my usual standard as they were a rush job but she liked them and that’s all that mattered. This person also has a disability and needs help, they told me that it was what I am doing and my blog that has inspired them to try and get the help they need. It was very nice to know that they now feel strong enough to be able to ask for help, some times that is the hardest part and if you can take that first step the rest are easy.

My visit was from a friend and her partner who was first introduced in the post ‘What a difference a day makes’. She had introduced me to Lee Miller, the WWII war photographer, in the book she brought me in hospital. Today she brought round the second book she had ordered me that hadn’t arrive in time for her visit in Hospital. This second book shows more of Miller’s amazing work where as the first book was more about her life story. I am looking forward to browsing her amazing photographs although some are very graphic and would not be everybody’s cup of tea, but then war isn’t. It was really nice to meet my friends partner who is great and I like his sense of humour. They have asked me to do their Wedding Photography which is some way off yet but it was nice to get a feel of what they want and it should be an amazing day.

I am hoping I feel better tomorrow, the problem is I don’t even know how I feel really, just not right. I was quite pleased to hear that I had made a difference to someone because to me if from a negative comes a positive then it is not a negative.

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