One tough physio session

Last night was a nightmare, it was the first time since the surgery where I could have actually screamed. It wasn’t that it was more painful than it has ever been, because it wasn’t, it was what it was doing that drove me mad. Pins and needles or a tingling sensation is nothing new, I get it every evening and it gets worse as the night goes on. Last night it added a feeling that I have never had before, which I have never experienced anything close to so describing it will probably sound mad. Every time I moved/turned over the sensation stopped but then started and if you could kind of imagine pockets of air popping from the back of the foot (that isn’t there) to the front, that is what it was like. Every time I moved or turned over it started the whole thing again, I can now honestly say that I have some appreciation of what torture must be like.

So today was a physio day and I wanted to get stuck in with the walking, the bone in the groin/pubis is still bruised but it could be I was doing something wrong. When I got there I got straight into my leg and I was off but the leg felt uncomfortable and almost felt like it was pinching a bit. Well I ended up taking that bloody leg on and off a total of 6 times trying different stump sock combinations and ended up with the one I started off with. I was absolutely knackered, my stump is very cosy in the socket which makes getting the stump out a major challenge, of course the hotter you get the more you expand and the harder it becomes. Eventually I said let’s just walk with it is as it is (we are still not 100% sure what is causing the problem) and see how I get on, that is what we did. I was pacing up and down the parallel bars trying different ways of using the hips, stump, balance, stride lengths and speed and eventually I seemed to get it! It was still a but painfully in the groin but not as bad as it was when I first started, I was putting weight through the prosthesis and at the end of the session was only using one hand on the bars for stability. It was such a hard session and when I got home was totally knackered and hurt everywhere, my back, legs, hips, even my thumbs where I was trying to get he leg off. From all the pain and hard work came a much better walking pattern that now needs to be honed and perfected and this is what it is all about. I felt that I had really achieved something at physio today and may have some exciting news later in the week.

Late this afternoon came a knock on the front door which Dad got, he walked into my lounge where Me and Mum were and handed me the box. It was for me and from a flower company, I undid the box to find some lovely red carnations with a gold leaf branch too (oh and a 2012 diary). It was from my oldest friend (we have known one another since we were babies) his wife and Mum & Dad. It was so unexpected but after the rough day I had had it ended up making my day. I thank them all very much it was very thoughtful and they look stunning against the black fire place.

4 Responses to “One tough physio session”

  1. Ah sweet-pea. You are so brave. Thought the choice of tee-shirt very apt. Thought you had a different name for the socks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your’e defo one in a million brave cookies, my hat goes off to a dear buddy.

    • Hi Lorraine

      Ah they are different socks to the cock sock! I will have to put a picture up of the socks that go with the prosthetic leg, In fact the photo I have just used on my new post ‘A new sock’ show what they look like but they are softer and have a smaller seam at the bottom, much more comfortable too. I am just getting on with things best I can really. Been a bit frustrated the last couple of days and the pain where the prosthetic leg is digging in is not helping. It will all sort itself out eventually, I just need to be patient and give it time. Many thanks xx

  2. Hi Helen,
    Since the day I met you – you have had my respect – it grows the more I get to know you. Your one amazing person Baxterbear and I are there for you . Keep going and take care xxx

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