A new sock

Yesterday when I went for physio I stuck my head in Clinic 9 to see if my new evening/night sock (Medi Relax Night Care) had arrived. The receptionist disappeared and came back with the sock box in hand. I had been looking forward to getting this sock as this is the one that is supposed to block electrical activity from attacking the nerves and possibly causing some of my phantom pain/pins and needles. Yesterday evening the sensations had been getting worse and before I went to be I put on the new sock, sexy it is not, again! It looks like it has been made out of chain mail and is not as soft as I had expected, the seam round the bottom is massive. In the box was also a little pain diary written in German, at the back there is an English version, and a smiley meter for how much pain you are in. I was deliberating using the diary but after a very short time decided I couldn’t be bothered, which summed up how I felt last night. With the sock on and in bed I spent some time on my iPad, then read for a bit and finally switched the light out. The sensation by this time was very strong and didn’t seem to ease, I was tossing and turning in bed much like the night before. I didn’t feel like there was any difference with the sock on so promptly pulled it off and threw it out the bed!!!!!

Today I put my prosthetic leg on after lunch, walked about the house a little and then sat reading for a while. Later I wanted to go to the toilet so went for a walk around again and then tried to tackle the toilet. Lets just say it wasn’t easy and I ended up struggling to get the leg off, then go to the toilet and then put the leg back on. When I put the leg back on it was just so painful and uncomfortable so I took it off never for it to go back on till tomorrow. The only thing is that there is now a very, very distinct bruise that I can show the physio so they know exactly where the problem is. Mind you it is OK working out the problem I just hope there is a solution.

It’s nearly 17:00 and I have put the relax sock on in the hope that I get some relief tonight from wearing it longer. The problem is I don’t think this compresses the stump very much like the other sock and leg socket so might have to be a bit wary how long I wear it for. The other possibility is that because I have nearly come off the Morphine, which may have been helping with the phantom pain, that is why the sensation is now increased. I will see how things go tonight and may have to change tactics tomorrow.

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