Off to see the Wizard, no not of Oz

Last night was hellish again. I wore the Relax sock from about 17:00 and still had the same level of discomfort when I went to bed. It took me ages to get to sleep and I just kept waking up, at some point the sock tried my patience and I took it off. Later on after waking a few more times I wondered if the sock would make it feel any better so I put it back on again but after a short time it seemed to almost heighten the sensation. It’s use was short lived as I promptly pulled it of and chucked it out the bed, again. On reflection the only other thing it could be is where I have been reducing the morphine, this morning I upped the dose a little and will see if that makes any difference. It may take a couple of days playing around with the amount and getting it back into the system before I will know but I will keep you posted.

On to today and I was looking forward to physio as I had been told that if I got a good session in today then I could, using crutches or sticks, use my leg over the holidays. Part of me just can’t face putting the leg on as it is just so painful and I am doing fine in the wheelchair but I know that the socket can get sorted and I have to push on with it. Armed with my, by now very big, bruise I went in to the gym to see the physio. One of them had a look at the area before I put the leg on and I was told that it is hitting the tendon, they said that they would try and get me to see a prosthetist (mine is on Holiday and I hope she has a great festive break). While we were waiting the only sock combination we hadn’t tried last week was the cock (compression) sock and the thin socket sock, so I tried that. It was agony as it was so thin and I sat too deeply on the rim of the socket, so it was off with it all and back to my one thick sock. I walked up and down the parallel bars and then I had to go and see the prosthetist.

The Wizard in this case was the prosthetist, she was very nice. After some prodding, poking and drawing on the socket she mentioned putting a pad in near the front (to stop me falling forward in the socket) and melting a bit around the edge. To be honest I really didn’t care what she did with it as long as it felt better. After what seemed an absolute age, that equated to many games of Tiny Wings on my phone, she came back with my leg. She had put a bit of padding in the front, shame she didn’t use my padding I have plenty off it I want to loose, and reshaped it, it was time for the moment of truth. Remembering that it is just so painful to touch, let alone put your whole body weight through it, nothing she did was going to feel great but I did think that it felt better. I walked up and down the parallel bars and it did seem somewhat easier. It was off with the leg again for her to smooth the edges and finish off and after another long Tiny Wings session she came back. I thanked here for her help and scooted back round to the gym where my 2 hour session was up, yes that’s right 2 hour session. All I had time to do was put all my layers of cloths back on and go, but I can use my leg for short walks around the house over the holidays which is just brilliant,I just hope the Wizard has worked her magic and the leg feels a lot better now. As she didn’t use any of my padding I need to start walking with the leg to use up those 60% extra calories it takes an amputee compared to a non amputee, god I need to loose some weigh!

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