The quickest physio session ever!

I can start today’s post with a little good news in the shape of a slight improvement with the phantom issue. The increase in Morphine does seem to have helped and I manage to get a better nights sleep last night. I felt disappointed that I had to increase the Morphine again but then I have to remember it has only been about six weeks since the operation took place. I think I am still doing OK and have progress further than I thought would have in the time.

At the end of last week the Community Physiotherapy Unit contacted me to make an appointment for me to see, what I thought, was the physio who visited before. This afternoon was when the appointment took place, the physio didn’t come himself but a physio assistant did. When the physio had visited before he said he would sort out some exercises for my upper body and posture, that’s what the assistant went through today. She came armed with two exercise bands, one red (medium) and one blue (extra heavy) and 13 exercises, as if I don’t have enough already! You would expect that going through that lot would be a reasonably lengthy process bit it turned out to be completely the opposite. I know I pick things up quickly but I was struggling to keep up with her at the speed she was going. Thankfully a couple of the exercises are similar to some of the actions I use with the wheelchair so there are a couple that I don’t need to do. A few of the exercises are really good and one might even help to eradicate my bingo wings. Don’t get me wrong I am willing to do anything that helps me but if you add these exercises to the ones I was already doing that makes 21 minimum a day. With the speed of a thousand gazelles no sooner had she arrived than she was bolting out the door, I think she must have been going at that speed so she could knock off early. As far as the exercise goes I might have a cunning plan but I may not be able to hatch it till the beginning of next year, watch this space.

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