A great day with mixed emotions

Today has been really good in most ways but a bit weird in others. My parents picked my Nan (94) up this morning as she is staying with us over the Holiday period. I was a bit apprehensive as it is the first time she has seen me as an amputee. It felt a bit awkward when she first first came in but when Mum and Dad went out to the shops I spent some time talking to her. I told her about the surgery, how well I was getting on (even though Mum updates her when she phones Nan every day) and showed her and talked about the prosthetic leg. She told me that the leg was not what she expected as she assumed that it was all plastic. I think it was good to spend that time with her and she was genuinely interested in what had happened and what will be happening next. It was all fine, I should have expected nothing less.

In the afternoon Dad took me to the Hinchingbrooke Hospital as I had an appointment with my Orthopaedic Surgeon today. I had arranged to meet Jan (the physio assistant who I have written about in many of my first posts) to buy her the coffee I had promised her when I was on the ward. We got to the hospital early and I popped up to the ward for a quick social and then we meet Jan at the Hospital Restaurant. It was great to see her but she had been really busy and had more work to do so I didn’t get as much time to chat as I would have liked. It was really great to see her though and we will catch up again in the future which I will look forward to, she’s great.

My appointment time had arrived and I was called into the consulting room. The sister who called me into the room has seen me a few times before (as has most of the staff in the Hospital!) and she spent a bit of time asking me a few questions and how I was getting on. She then left and I waited for my Consultant to come in and see me. When he came in he asked me to move the stump in all different directions, because they have to rebuild the muscle they are need to check that you have good movement. I have excellent movement in my stump so there was nothing to worry about there. He also asked if my Rehabilitation Consultant was happy with the stump, I confirmed that he was really happy with the stump length and how it looked. I asked a few questions and also told him that if there we any other people who were having an amputation that wanted to talk to someone then I was happy to talk to them. At the end he told me that from his point of view I didn’t need to go back and he was completely happy with the stump. I was really pleased in one way, it was great, I was doing really well and totally fed up with Hospitals, there was a very small part of me that felt a bit weirded though. I thought that I might have had to go back just one more time and wanted to say thank you, I was so caught off guard that I didn’t get to say what I wanted too. I have been with my consultant for about 18 years and we just shook hands and he left. I will have to think of a way to show my gratitude.

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