Amputee Kinect Sports Action

The leg went on early this morning and it actually seemed to feel miles better, a result I thought. Not too long after however, I needed to go to the toilet, which I can’t do without taking the leg off first. Of course after this the inevitable happened and when I put it on again it was painful. Not to be deterred by this I promptly took it of and tried again, and again, and again, and again, finally even though it was painful I left the bloody thing on. In my efforts to loose some weight (where are you swimsuit?) I thought I would try Kinect Sports now I have the knowledge to make it see my prosthetic leg. As I am slightly more agile on the leg now I thought there would be a couple of games I could do. I started with a few rounds of boxing which was a very good upper body work out, I could do it and I enjoyed it. The only dodgy moment of this game was a stupendous but uncontrolled right hook that swung so hard and fast that I nearly went flying from the force of the swing. I looked through the athletics but you cannot choose individual sports within it and most involved running so that was out, as was football. On looking at the volleyball I thought there might be too much movement required so may leave that for a while until I am a bit better with my balance and mobility. Next was the table tennis and I did enjoy this although the odd time my movements were not quick enough to get me to the left side of the table where I tended to drop most of my points. Victory came often despite this (although I have to add the Xbox was playing as a beginner) and I even managed to pick up the achievement ‘Have It!’ for winning a game with a smash shot, quite chuffed. Lastly I did a bit of a warm down with a game of Ten Pin Bowling and won here too but my scores were not as good as they were before I was an amputee. There was a couple of times when I nearly overbalanced bowling the ball, would have fallen flat on my face so thankfully avoided. I also had to be careful that I didn’t bend the left knee when bowling as I don’t think my right leg is strong enough to control the movement and hold me up. I know I was playing on the easy level but I won the games which made me feel like I had achieved something, mind you after only a couple of months since the surgery to be playing Kinect Sports on a prosthetic leg is a bit of an achievement in itself. Damn you prosthetic leg, if you weren’t causing me so much pain I would be blade running by now!

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