A problem visiting others

Yesterday we went to see some family friends for the day. When we were arranging the visit we asked them if they could measure the width of the doors so we could see if I could use the wheelchair there. Mum and Dad had been to their bungalow before but weren’t sure if I would be able to use the wheelchair or not as the hallway was quite tight. From the measurement we didn’t think the chair would go through so I decided to take the crutches even though I didn’t feel all that safe on them. In the end we decided to throw the wheelchair in just incase I wanted to sit in it as it would go through the door without the wheels on. They had two steps to get in the front door so crutches were essential to get in. We decided we would get the wheelchair in to see if it would go through the doors and thankfully it did. The only room with a small issue was the toilet where I had to switch back to crutches. They had a very low toilet (more like a toilet for gnomes) which did make it quite difficult for me but I managed OK. I was quite pleased that I managed to navigate the doorways without taking any paint off the door frames, I should think they were quite pleased too. We had a brilliant day with a little buffet for lunch and a nice home cook meal in the evening, champion. It did highlight the fact that I will have these issues with everyone I visit for a while, will probably have to take both sticks and chair when I go visiting to cover all bases.

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