Muscles I forgot I had

Today I was at OWR (Operation Warriors Return) for the second week of the six week programme. Today the ex Royal Marine turned fitness instructor did an assessment on us (only 4 people this week) so he can work out a programme based on the Diet Diary and from the data collected today. First we had our weigh and height recorded then we had our chest, waist and hips measured. Following that we got told about our fat and muscle measurement, it even told you the water content. I did better than expected in both the water and fat content but there is room for improvement. Following on form lunch we went down to the poly tunnel, as this is a care farm (where OWR are based) we want to grow fruit and veg for us to eat or sell. There is a reasonable amount of work to do in there to make it work but we will crack it in no time. After a little meeting to get measurements of the poly tunnel and decided what we would grow it was back to the studio to finish the physical assessment. Unfortunately I opened my big mouth and mentioned that used to do press ups using the windowsill (body at an angle from the sill) and I could do sit ups. Me and another guy (who uses sticks) were paired together and he got to do hip raisers or bridging, I got to do sit-ups and there was a contraption attached to the ceiling that I used top press ups. I was supposed to use it for my last exercise but the balance was a massive issues so he gave me another exercise to do which mainly involved my hamstrings. We only had to see how many reps we could do in a minute but it knackered me and it was frightening just how unfit I am. I have certainly found some muscles today that I had forgotten existed. Still I’m hoping I can start to get a routine going as quick as possible so I can loose weight and improve my general fitness.

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