Mix of good and bad news

Last night following my exercise session I thought my stump seemed a a bit bigger than normal but I wasn’t 100% sure, it was very warm too. I had an OK nights having with the socket I was given a couple of hip exercises to practice to see if I can walk slightly differently to push myself back in it. The exercises are something to take away and work on which of course I will. I happened to mention that I thought my stump might be swollen and after I was asked why I explained what I did yesterday. I tried to put my leg on with my usual one thick sock but although I managed to get it on it didn’t quite feel right. I started walking in the bars to warm up but everything was wrong, the knee wasn’t really bending, I seemed to be flicking the leg forward and I was rolling all over the socket and foot. After a while although I was sitting on the back and I didn’t have the groin pain I just didn’t seem fully into the socket. I then tried one thin sock (bearing in mind the leg kept slipping down with two thin socks on) and the little pad Lynne had given me but the pad was digging in. I whipped the pad out which was better but now I was right in the socket it was cutting into the groin. The leg did slip down slightly but not enough to be a major problem so I did a bit of walking and used the balance machine again. It did highlight just how swollen the stump was and although the physio commended me for wanting to get fitter she wasn’t very happy that it had hindered my rehabilitation. They would rather I stick to the physio exercises, use the Wii Fit to practice balance work and go swimming when I can. I liked the challenge of the exercises that Matt was doing with us yesterday and I wanted to carry on doing exercise with them. As there was no redness around the stump they were not seriously worried about it, I have been told to rest it for a couple of days and just practice taking the leg on and off. I was also reminded that it has not been that long since the surgery and it is still healing. It has been a bit of an eye opener though as I would never have thought the exercise I did yesterday would have had such an impact on the stump. I have only got one crack at this though and I wont do anything that is going to jeopardise my rehabilitation. On the most positive side of things I am moving on up, yes I am going into the advanced physio sessions from next week. I am really looking forward to it as they do more activities i.e. Table Tennis, walking outdoors (getting used to uneven surfaces), rowing machine, cycling machine, Wii Fit etc. etc. My stump should be back to normal again by next week so I can get the most out of my new physio group.

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