Hospital visit

This morning the stump was still as swollen as it was yesterday but I am sure it will start going down soon. My Nan has been in hospital for a little over 2 weeks now and although my Mum and Dad have been down a couple of times I have not yet seen her. She is 94 has a chest infection, kidneys are failing and she has heart problems. At around 180 mile round trip the journey was what I looking forward to the least. Going down was not too bad as the roads were reasonably quiet thanks to a problem on the A14. I have been to Basildon Hospital before and it has a reputation, not a good one I might add. They seemed to have spent a lot of money recently on decorating and equipment but the cleanliness lets it down something chronic. As you would expect the hospital was wheelchair friendly, I say expect but you never quite know there. As you can imagine I am so fed up with Hospitals but at least this time I only had to spend a couple of hours there and I could go home. Nan looked quite bright when we got there and she was very surprised and happy to see me which was nice for us both. She said she felt better today than she had done for a few days, when she walked back from the toilet lunchtime she was not out of breath like she had been. She is on oxygen all the time and not eating very much, of course she looks very frail but she has done for a long while now. Just like everyone in Hospital she wants to go home but until she can come of the oxygen that’s not going to happen. It is strange how strong memories can be and how you don’t want history to repeat itself. I remembered so vividly how, when I had visited Grandad all those many years ago at Basildon Hospital, we left, I said goodbye and I never saw him again.

On a more lighthearted note I did have a small issue while I was there. Dad pointed out the toilets that were just outside the ward, which was a good job as the other toilets were miles away back at the main entrance. Not to long before the end of the visit I needed to visit the toilet so wheeled myself off. I got to the toilet and thought the latch was on red but checked with the door handle and it was locked. I sat there for a bit checking Facebook on my phone for a while I waited, like to do. Time was ticking by so I looked in the female toilet to see if I could get in to use that one, that was a resounding negative. I didn’t think I could hear anything and wondered if someone had just messed about locking the door from the outside (which could be done with a coin). Dad walked out at this moment and I was just worried that someone could be in there and fallen or something. We found a sister on the ward, explained the situation and she came out to have a look. We didn’t think there was anyone in there but she said she would get the porters to check the door, she directed me to the toilets on the floor below. As I was just about to wheel away a guy asked me if I wanted him to open the door as he had a coin on him, which he did. The toilet was empty and then I found out why the door had been locked. After I had used the toilet I flushed and I noticed the water level rise a bit and my eyes started to widen a bit, the level came up higher and my eyes opened wider. I was thinking oh my God I have caused a flood as the level got to the top of the bowel and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. It was with utter relief that the water did not escape from the toilet and I managed to get away without causing any damage. I told my Dad what happened and thankfully he had a coin in his pocket and promptly locked the door. Wouldn’t it have been easy to have put an out of order sign on the door!

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