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A psychiatric assessment

Having been to the Liver Clinic on the Thursday (5th September) I was hoping to see the Consultant, to give him some information from that appointment. After them saying how they would help me and if I wanted to talk to anyone I could, no one came to see me Friday morning. I managed to […]

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Hospital visit

This morning the stump was still as swollen as it was yesterday but I am sure it will start going down soon. My Nan has been in hospital for a little over 2 weeks now and although my Mum and Dad have been down a couple of times I have not yet seen her. She […]

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Muscles I forgot I had

Today I was at OWR (Operation Warriors Return) for the second week of the six week programme. Today the ex Royal Marine turned fitness instructor did an assessment on us (only 4 people this week) so he can work out a programme based on the Diet Diary and from the data collected today. First we […]

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