Frustration turned to tears

I’m back, I got the two projects done with a day to spare which left me with today free, well sort of. Let’s back track a couple of days though. On Saturday I thought I would put my leg on in the morning and was even hoping to take a trot up the road a little way. I was hoping the stump would have gone down in size again so I put on one thick sock but couldn’t get fully into the socket. Off came the one thick and on went two thin socks, I managed to get the leg on but it wasn’t comfortable so I took it off and put it on again but it was painful and uncomfortable. I just couldn’t put up with it any more, I got really angry pulled it all off and then just cried. I had been feeling a bit tearful for a couple of days but not really sure why. There is a bit of an excess of fabric on the compression sock which also sits in the groin area. It diggs in and causes sweating so this too has been causing pain and sores, the skin is just red raw. I think that the combination of the last physio session, being annoyed at myself for putting on weight and the perpetual problems from the leg just took its toll. I decided that on Monday morning I would phone and make an appointment to see my Rehabilitation Consultant and try and get something sorted. Luckily there was a cancellation so I was off to see him at 11:00 this morning. Last week my best friend arranged to come and visit me today but at 12:30, we knew we would be back from the hospital before she arrived, oh how wrong we could be.

Over 50 mins late (clinic running late, again) I eventually went in to see My Consultant. After explaining the situation he disappeared to talk to my prosthetist, Lynne. Eventually he came back and explained the plan. As my stump/thigh is big at the bottom and narrows at the top the top of the socket has to be big enough to get the stump in. By the time I am in the socket there is a gap at the top which is one of the reasons I fall into the socket. The plan is to use a foam that they hope will try and narrow the stump to make it more cylindrical and reduce the size difference meaning I will sit in the socket properly. Are you keeping up so far? It gets easier now, trust me. I already have an appointment booked to see Lynne next Monday and although I have physio tomorrow I left the leg with them today so it will be ready next week. Unfortunately all this meant that I had less time to spend with my friend but it was just really nice to get some time to see her. We had an Indian take away and she brought me some Cheesecake she had made. I had the cheesecake for tea and it was a masterpiece, really rich, great flavour and well worth the wait. That’s a total thumbs up for another excellent cheesecake but the company was worth much much more.

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