Send it back!

I had physio this afternoon and imagine my surprise when I walked in and my leg was ready. It was a good job I hadn’t worn a different trainer as I had originally planed as there was quite a difference in the sole depth of the two. The foam bit wasn’t quite as I had envisaged but I could see how it would work. My physio had to run round and ask Lynne how to put it on as neither of us new which order things went on in. When she came back it was time to test it out, to start the sock went on (we opted for one thin to start with) then it would be the foam bit and then the leg. We got as far as the sock but the foam bit was miles too small, in fact I could only get the top bit to just over half way up the stump, there was loads of stump and skin at the top of the leg to go in. Me and the physio just looked at one another and agreed that there was just no way that the foam cuff was going to go on. We then went back over old ground with different full and half leg sock combinations with the leg (without the foam cuff) which all hurt before finally admitting defeat. I met two new people today, don’t know or remember their names but both were men who had been in the advanced class for a long while. One of them was the guy I was told about who fell over playing table tennis in the physio session and broke the socket of his prosthesis. He has lost a bit of confidence in the leg now and feels he has had a setback compared to how he was walking before, know that feeling. He had a hydraulic joint on his leg that came from Addenbrooke’s but the other guy had a really flash joint with microchips etc. in, although he has bought his. I think both have become amputees through accidents but I don’t know what happened to them. The rest of the session was stretching and wobble cusion work, both sitting and standing. Right near the end at coffee break one of the guys mentioned getting a cover or gel thing that would help him get the socket, or something, on easier with. Like a flash of inspiration the physio had another idea of a way of getting the foam cuff on. She put a polythene bag (cylindrical shaped one with a handle at the joined end at the bottom) over my stump which was would allow the cuff to slide on. I slid the foam cuff on and pulled as hard and far up the leg as I could. I held the cuff with all my might as the physio pulled the bag with all her might. I was slowly being pulled off the wheelchair and had to hook my toes under the footrest to stop me from being pulled off. Eventually the bag came out but the bulge that was now sticking out of the end of the cuff did not look good. It was so tight on my stump that I think if I wore it for any length of time I would loose the circulation to the end of it. While I had it on I did put the prosthesis on, I did expect it would be better with the form cuff in place. No and if at all possible it was even worse, I think it just made the groin edge higher hence it was digging in harder. Also with the bulge there was not a tight seal within the socket so as I lifted air got in and as I put weight down the air blew out which didn’t produce the most pleasant of sounds. At least we have tied everything and still it has not solved the problem. The only advantage is that when I see Lynne on Monday we are further advanced rather than going though all that, she may have even thought of something else by then. If they are going to recast then at least it can be done on Monday but they are certainly running out of options. I have left the leg with them as I wouldn’t wear it at home, I am just totally fed up with it all now.

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