Contorted Foot

The night before last I took more medication as a matter of course because of the previous nights phantom pain. Form early evening I had a very strong sensation but it was different from the night before. This time my foot (that isn’t there) felt exceptionally contorted. how can I describe this? It was like either someone had both hands gripping the foot as hard as they could of like it was in a vice. It is particularly uncomfortable but a very dull kind of ache/feeling. It seemed to be a lot easier than the previous night which was a result but I wasn’t sure it it was naturally better or just because I covered the base with the extra medication. Yesterday was a particularly quiet and boring day, one where I was trying to mop up lots of little jobs that needed doing. In the end I managed to concentrate for long enough to get them done, minor miracle. This will probably result in a calm before the storm because usually as soon as I catch up there is more to do. A friend did mention the possibility of helping with a magazine cover for her daughters project, I don’t mind that as it is creative and will make a change.

Last night not only did I not take extra medication but it was again time to drop the MST (Slow release Morphine) down by another 10mg. Now a decision had to be made, do I just go back to the normal dose and see if the night phantom has settled, then drop it the next night, or do I drop it down as planned? I took the double gamble and dropped the medication and I am pleased to say it paid off, it was tolerable. Today, following my completion of jobs, I decided that I would play on the Xbox this weekend and start my last project on Monday. I got a bit tied up on Facebook and eBay this morning, see it is still hard for me to stay focused and not get distracted. This afternoon I watched the Rugby, England – Scotland, then this evening I had a session on Call of Duty: Black Ops. As with the rest of the Country Cambridgeshire is gripped by snow. It usually misses where I live or we just get a light dusting while all around gets a good dose. In 4 hours there is more snow than I have ever seen since I have lived here and that is just over 6 years. The problem with the snow at the moment is the wind that is mixing it up and causing it to drift. Who knows what I will wake up to tomorrow.

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