So much snow!

Last night phantom pain wise it was pretty good, I think we are more or less back to where we were before the form cuff experience last Wednesday. So on to this morning and I was amazed at just how much snow we had here. In some places it was at least 6 inches deep, totally unheard of since we have lived here. It would have been a brilliant day to get out and grab some great photos but there was no way I was going to get out today. I tried to take a few photos through the window and a couple came out better than expected. My Dad spent a lot of the afternoon clearing the garage door, drive and path so we will be able to get out of the house tomorrow. It was really good to see peoples snow pictures on Facebook, with many of them being of snowmen. Normally most UK snowman are, at best, the size of a small child and that is using every flake of snow in the garden. Today however, there were many that were as tall as an adult with plenty of snow to spare.

I want to write a couple of reviews on this site, with one being Kinect Sports: Season 2. I spent most of the morning doing some more product test and was amazed at what I found out. Hopefully I will get the reviews done over the next couple of days so if you want to know what staggered me then keep your eyes peeled. Apparently (and I am not sure how it works it out) I managed to burn just over 450 calories, not a massive amount but better than none. Of course this afternoon was the Wales – Ireland Rugby match which I watched and then moved on to Call of Duty: Black Ops. I haven’t been on the Xbox for months and months (until the other day) and it was nice to spend some time on it. Obviously it is good if I can use it to do a bit of exercise and the other games, well I just enjoy playing them. I have grown up with computers and games consoles and have always played them. I am probably considered an old age pensioner in gaming terms but I can live with that. Tomorrow is a big day, off to see the prosthetist. I wonder if they have come up with anything yet? Full report tomorrow!

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