Is it a resolution?

Today was another trip to see Lynne my prosthetist. I didn’t really know what to expect today as the foam cuff was a total failure last Wednesday. I was a bit open minded but after talking to Lisa at physio I thought she might have talked to Lynne and a recast was of the cards. That didn’t happen, so what did? When Lynne came in she did have the cuff in hand as well as my leg, Lisa had spoken to her and mentioned the problems we had. The cuff was only a starter and could be narrowed down if we needed to peruse that avenue. I put the leg on and some time was spent feeling exactly where I was sitting within the socket. Lynn did tell me that she had tilted the socket back slightly with the hope of pushing me onto the back ledge. She had also removed all the padding on the inside edge except at the very back. Following the initial testing she agreed that I was coming down quite hard on the inside edge and said she would scoop/cut out more in that area. Now I arrived at the Hospital at 08:00 for an 08:15 appointment, Lynne didn’t see me till about 08:30 and we didn’t leave to Hospital till just before 13:00. On that note and to cut a seriously long story short here’s the result. There has been a significant amount of the plastic cut and rolled away, a padded bit left on the back edge and the pad that was in the front has been extended slightly. I have an appointment to go back and see her in three weeks time. I had mentioned the various tips that people had given me to stop the pain but she agreed with me, it was not ideal and I shouldn’t have to go to different lengths to try and resolve the issue. Because of the years of compensating from one side to the other I have a lot of work to do with my walking. Due to the way I am walking, especially as a result of over a year on crutches, I have to get my right hip working again. Lynne told me that she knows it is frustrating for me as I am so keen to progress but this could be a slow process now and the socket may never really stop hunting in the groin area until I am walking properly again. I won’t know how good it is at the moment until I can get some good walking time on it but fingers crossed it will be an improvement.

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