Test drive of my leg

Today was the first day I have worn my prosthesis for any length of time for a while now, I have to confess that there was a bit of nerves getting back on it again. So, with all the changes yesterday what were the results? I climbed into the socket and had the usual struggle to get fully into it, a bit of poking around to make sure all the skin is in and then……. there was a feeling I wasn’t happy with. It was more to the front of the leg and almost felt like a pinch like the skin was not fully in. When I felt the area it felt OK, I just thought, let’s not dwell on it, start walking around and see how we get on. So, have sticks will travel and I was off but…… at sloth pace, the reason? intense concentration. I was trying to think of everything that Lisa and Lynne have spoken to me about, like tightening the stomach, tucking the bum in, trying to use the hip independently and not rolling the pelvis, not much then! I have no idea what it looked like but I think I have an idea how Robocop may have felt. It’s really pants that I not only have to learn how to walk with the leg but learn to walk properly too. I just have to live with, unfortunately it will slow my progress down, which is disappointing to say the least.

I pottered about first thing and then had to do some work on the PC. I find that I have to get up and walk around for a bit after a while as I get a numb bum from sitting on the plastic. I am sure after a while it will toughen up in that area and I will be able to sit on harder chairs, as well as soft ones and for longer periods. Knowing that I have a long physio session tomorrow I took the leg off after lunch. There was hardly any redness in the groin and at last we seem to be getting somewhere, God knows its taken long enough. Still if we have a result then I just need to start from now and move on. I know that we made the prosthesis shorter than my leg as I kept scuffing the foot while walking. I Didn’t seem to notice it so much before but it do now, I want to go on the balance machine tomorrow. Lynne also mentioned that she would be interested to see if there is any change now she has slightly altered the tilt of the socket. Now I just have see what Lisa has in store for me at physio tomorrow.

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