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Tuesday 3rd February Today was the day of the Colonoscopy. I’ve had one before without sedation about 4 years ago, It wasn’t too bad just a bit uncomfortable when the camera goes round the corners. They started with one size camera but had to get a smaller one, I’m pretty careful with my money, this […]

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A rough week

So after Manic Monday the rest of the week was a slow slope downwards really. Tuesday we went for our first trip down to Wickford without seeing Nan. We went to my Uncles to talk about and sort out some arrangements for the Funeral, which we found out would be on the following Monday. My […]

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Test drive of my leg

Today was the first day I have worn my prosthesis for any length of time for a while now, I have to confess that there was a bit of nerves getting back on it again. So, with all the changes yesterday what were the results? I climbed into the socket and had the usual struggle […]

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