No physio for me today

Considering the fall the Tramadol did a reasonable job last night and I got an average sleep. This morning I was certainly feeling the effects of the decking. To my surprise there didn’t appear to be any bruising so most of it must have been pulled muscle, with most of the pain being in my already troublesome lower back. I phoned the physio this morning to let her know I wouldn’t be there this afternoon and I asked her if she would let Lynne (my prosthetist) know that I couldn’t wear my leg again. I explained about the bruising following the last physio session and told her I had taken some photos to show Lynne where the bruising was. She asked me if I could email her the pictures, which I have done, I said that it must have been a result of the leg being lengthened and shifting my position within the socket. I also explained that I had been visited by the occupational therapy assistant reference the grant and they would be contacting her. I told the physio what I had said to the OT Assistant and the physio also pointed OT that they have to take my knee into consideration which will restrict me more than anything else. It was reassuring for me to hear her say that as the OT Assistant just made me feel like I was being obstructive, which wasn’t the case I was just being realistic. I felt really low yesterday, which I suppose was understandable and even though I was still hurting mood wise I felt so much better today. What delights will tomorrow have in store for us?

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