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Déjà vu!

Yesterday we sprung forward into British Summer Time, right now I would be happy to just take a step. Saturday was the first day of wearing the prosthesis with the hole in the liner, what can I say? Déjà vu! Yet again I couldn’t get the stump fully in the socket. My train of thought […]

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It’s the smallest things

I am going to call yesterday a scratch day as I have just scratched it off the Calendar. As I said in my last post Sunday was not particular good day and the night was no better. I had half the clips/staples out at about 9pm which considering some were very tight, and at times […]

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The phantom in me

Today has been relatively quiet, the Consultants and physios are not in and it is more relaxed in the morning. I have done my exercises today and increased my reps slightly but will keep them the same tomorrow. I had another wonderful visit today from a former colleague, he brought me some nice juicy grapes […]

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