A walk in the real world

Off the back of the ‘inspiring’ physio session on Wednesday, yesterday gave me the opportunity to go out with my prosthetic leg on. Don’t get too excited by this news, it was only to a local Supermarket. I was a little sore/aching from yesterday but thankfully it only took a couple of attempts to get the leg on. As I needed to spend some time sorting out the seat in my car we went out in Dads. I have to say it was pretty uncomfortable on the bone in the bum and the tendon but after enough fidgeting I managed to get to a tolerable position. Getting in and out of the car is a challenge that will be conquered with practice, the knee has a habit of bending at the least opportune moment and gets wedged in/on the door sill. The Supermarket we went to is a no Carbon generating one and is different to most in many ways. One of these differences is the shelves, they run from the front to the rear of the store like any other but instead of having two sets of shelves in a row, broken in the middle by an aisle, their rows are one long continuous one. This means you end up walking further while you are shopping as you can’t cut through aisles, it possibly also means you end up buying more as you pass things you probably wouldn’t in another supermarket, oh I’m such a cynic. This worked in my favour (the aisles that is, not being a cynic) as it was a good work out on a flat surface which I needed after yesterday’s exertion on cambered surfaces. It wasn’t the first time I have walked out in public but it was the first time I have walked around a reasonably packed shop. I found it all OK and the prosthesis was not too bad either, just a slight problem in the car really. In fact the biggest issue was pain in my hips and knee from yesterday’s physio session but that is to be expected. It was a good experience which felt like a little achievement (which I haven’t felt I’ve had in ages) and has given me more confidence walking in flat environments, it’s all good!


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