A great walk

The last few days have been quite good in the main, there was only one big disappointment which came in the shape of my Phoenix. Friday I trotted across to Halfords and bought a can of lacquer to spray over the prosthetic socket to seal the picture and lettering. My worst fears were realised when spraying over the phoenix the lacquer lifted the permanent marker and it started to run. I was gutted it had taken me ages and a back ache to get it done. The only option I had left was to get some spirit and take it off. It was a struggle in some places and there are some small areas where you can see there was something on it, it is quite clean apart from that. I made the decision to keep the text, it will wear off eventually but if I am careful with it I can make it last quite a while. I think something really good could have come out of this but that is something for the future.

After some bruising from the physio session, visitors on Thursday and visiting my Nan in Essex on Saturday I had not worn my leg. Yesterday morning was nice and sunny and I decided I would go for a walk with my Dad and Cody (my Labrador) up the track. This was the first time I have been out for a walk with Cody and I loved it. Along the side of the track where I turn round and make my way back home is a long strip of grass between the track and the field. I spent some time here with a ball launcher throwing a tennis ball for Cody, although Dad did have to help him out a little as he didn’t see where the ball went a couple of times. I had put the belt back on the prosthesis which seemed to help a bit, it didn’t seem quite a sore as it had been at physio on Wednesday. I managed to do the walk 3 minutes quicker than before and was concentrating really hard on my stride length, knee bend and speed on the way back. I think it takes me longer on the track because of the sand/gravel surface and avoiding the pot holes. I will have a go on the path again soon as I may be able to walk a little easier on that now (even with the camber) as have had more practice with the leg and walking. It would be better if the weather improved as I am not into walking in the rain at the moment, I have to try and pick times between showers or not get out at all. My goal is to be able to take Cody out for walks on my own and every walk out is a walk close to achieving that goal.


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