Infection update

Yesterday morning was the follow up appointment with my GP. I booked in on the screen but it said it was unable to book me in and I had to speak to reception. The receptionist told me my GP was off sick and asked if anyone had tried to contact me. I told her that as far as I knew no one had called so she checked and I was down to see another Doctor. I’ve seen this Doctor before and have to confess I’ve not been that impressed so was not looking forward to the experience. To my delight and surprise she was really good this time. She had been reading my notes before I went in and remembered me from my last infection, she assumed she would be looking at my left knee again. This was the first time she has seen me since the amputation so was surprised to find it was another infection in the other knee. I told her that the first GP I saw told me to put Savlon Cream on it but my normal Doctor told me to leave it. I said that the skin had been drying and flaking, this was leaving me with thin, red, sore skin so I started using Dermol 500. I know it is an antibacterial cream and it has helped to hydrate the skin, I put it on a few times a day and now the only time it becomes dry is first thing in the morning. The Doctor took a swab, we’re not sure if we managed to get anything from it but it’s worth trying, she has also changed my antibiotics to 625mg Co-amoxiclav. I have had another appointment booked to see my usual GP next Wednesday but if there is any major change I should go back before.

From my side of things the worst day was Sunday when it did start to weep a little, on the positive side at least it was getting some of the rubbish out. It did seem to start going down after that, which was after a couple of full days on the antibiotics. There seems to be a bit of a pattern going on, when I get up in the morning it looks really good, with just a purple sort of colour where the infection is. By the evening it starts getting red, sore inside the knee and very, very hot. I suppose it settles down where I am still at night and then gets aggravated by use during the day. Although it still covers a largish area and there is still a small hard lump to the right of the hole it is looking much better. I’m hoping we have started to get on top of things, if we do get a result from the swab they can give me the specific antibiotic for the culture they grow. From past experience I hope they keep giving me antibiotics till it is completely gone and not stop them and it flares up again. I’m feeling pretty positive though and although it is still sore progress seems good.

I have drawn little marks on the photo (taken this morning) to show where the red areas are in the evening.


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