Some positive news

Yesterday I was back at the Doctors to see where we are with the knee infection. From the picture some people may think it looks worse but to me it is much better. The redness is subsiding and it isn’t getting as hot for as long as it has before. I knew the skin would break down where the infection had been under it because it did this with the other knee. I’ve still been applying lashings of Dermol 500 cream to try and stop the flaking, which seems to be working. There is still a small lump, which is hard but I think that is shrinking too.

I saw my usual Doctor again, which is a result in itself, explained what happened on my last visit and showed her the knee. There was no culture grown from the swab, we weren’t sure we got anything from it anyway so that was no surprise. She agreed with me that it looked better and had a feel of the area, which is a bit sore still, but nowhere near like it was. Because the last combination of antibiotics had not had a massive effect she thought the move to Co-amoxiclav had been the most logical step. It’s a really heavy-duty antibiotic, which I had with the other knee infection and is working well. I told her my biggest fear was to reduce or stop the antibiotics and it flares up again. That won’t happen just yet as she is continuing me on the Coamoxiclav for another two weeks. I also have an appointment to go back and see her in two weeks but if it completely clears I can cancel it. She did tell me that if I had any concern’s she would prefer I go back and see her rather than to sit and worry about it. All in all it is looking very positive and I am hoping that in two weeks time I can put this blip nicely behind me.


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