‘The Amputee’ a year on

Today is my 1st Ampuversary, I’m sure there’s no official word for this so I decided to make my own. Wow, can you believe, it a year ago today I had my left leg removed above the knee, became an amputee and my life changed forever. What a roller coaster year it’s been, plenty of highs & lows, battles & victories, challenges and lots and lots of learning. There are still some battles going on which I hope will be resolved soon.

I think one of the biggest things I have found is that the perception people have of amputees and using prosthetics is nothing like what it is in reality. They see people from the Armed Services and Paralympians (doing amazing things on the best prosthetics you can get) and assume that once you have your prosthetic leg life is normal again. They also have no idea how you fit into the socket and use the leg, everyone thinks you walk on the end of the stump, which is not the case.

I have no regrets and even with some restrictions placed on me and still needing the wet room done life has been pretty good since the surgery. It’s disappointing that I have to have a further operation on the stump, as progress was going really well, but at least I know what to expect and need to do afterwards. Fingers crossed that it works and last for a long while so I can get to grips with the leg and walking again. I’m not sure if it has changed me as a person, I do think I look and prioritise things differently than I did before though. I have some goals, ambitions and things I want to try and I am confident that I can work my way through them. Time is the biggest factor and some things will be achieved quicker than others. Although I don’t see many people at the moment I want to thank my friends and family for their support. Even if its just comments on the blog or Facebook it makes a big difference when you know you have people behind you. I also have to say a big thank you to all the healthcare professionals that have been involved in my surgery and recovery, they have all been totally amazing and excel in what they do.

No one knows what’s round the corner, good or bad. Although it was a major thing to happen in my life I think looking forward to the future it was the best thing. I’m looking forward to my next years worth of challenges and hope to start seeing more highs and less lows. I’ve learnt an awful lot in the last year and I hope some people have managed to take something away from this blog. I hope readers will continue to follow my progress while I remain positive and move on to bigger and better things!


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