Fantastic news!

On the 26th of October I received a letter from the building company to say they accepted the tender for the wet room conversion. It went quiet for a while and then low and behold I received a phone call from them yesterday, asking if they could start it on Monday. I was exceptionally surprised, they did apologise for the short notice, and extremely happy. So 1 year and 9 days after the amputation they will finally be starting the work.

Today I had a visit from a really nice man from the council who deals with buildings. This was a commencement meeting, as I have to get the council to inspect before, during and after the works. He will ensure that everything, especially drainage, complies with regulations and is of a high standard.

The biggest issue with the bathroom is that all the walls are hollow. The couple (they had two small children) that lived here before us built the bungalow, as he was a builder. He obviously wouldn’t have envisaged the need for weight bearing fixtures to be fitted for a long, long time, if ever. Had he not run off with his wife’s best friend they would probably still be living here and we may have been living in a place with solid walls. As that isn’t the case they have to take all the plasterboard down on the whole wall, reinforce it, board it back up and tile. They have done many of these jobs before so we are hoping they can get it all done and dusted within a week. It will be a difficult week though as I will have to use my Mum and Dads en-suite, which I cant get into with the wheelchair. A small time pain for a great long-term gain though. I can’t wait, it will be like an early Christmas present, so excited!


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