The festive season

Tis Christmas Eve and young’ens all over the world are getting excited about Santa’s visit tonight. All I can say is thank God for Internet shopping, as I haven’t managed to get out and about everything including cards came by post. That could be one of the reasons it doesn’t really feel Christmassy this year, of course the dull wet weather isn’t helping things. Mum and Dad picked Nan up from Essex on Saturday, she will be with us over the festive period as is customary. This is my second Christmas as an amputee, I just sneaked in last year, and I have to confess I expected to be more mobile and better than I am. The only major change from last year is we have a new addition to the family, in the form of Cody my Labrador. I think he has more presents than anyone else and he may get spoilt with a little Christmas dinner tomorrow, lucky pooch.

I do happen to be on a bit of an alert at the moment with regards to my knee. I finished the Antibiotics the Friday before last, the last couple of days I have had a red, hot patch appear. Worryingly it is not in the same place as before but around another arthroscopy scar, more at the side of the knee. My GP, being totally on the ball, had put a contingency plan in place as she was worried about the Christmas period. She gave me two weeks of stand by antibiotics in case there was a problem so I will just have to monitor its progress.

I’ve watched the classic ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ this morning, I don’t think it matters how old you are it is just a brilliant film to watch. I am sure with more TV, Films, Sale Adverts, food and drink I will be ready for the big day tomorrow. Hope you’ve all been good and you get your visit from Santa tonight.

Christmas Eve

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