More blood and goodies

Tuesday 26th February

At 06:00 the second unit of blood came along, they hooked me up and I just lay there waiting for it to go through. It didn’t actually take too long before it had finished, I just had to wait and see if it did it’s job or not. A little later in the morning the vampire was along to take some more blood. I had mentioned to the on the ball nurse about my Consultant wanting compression but no one had done anything. I asked whether it would be worth getting in touch with the Amputee physios, to see if they could use the stump sock for the compression. She thought that was a good idea and said she would give them a call. Ro came in for another visit bearing more nutritious gifts, this time one of the most scrummy savoury things of all, vegetable crisps mmm mmmmmm. We had a nice chat again and I told her I still hadn’t seen anyone from the pain team and what a pants time I was having. She said that she didn’t want to tell me before but they were actually going to cancel my surgery on the Monday. She had probably worked her magic there too and by a miracle kept me on the list. When she had to leave she was off like a fairy godmother to try and help me yet again. A little later, and probably thanks to Ro, the Sister came to speak to me about the pain team, I explained that they had been called, were short staffed and they could not see me till Wednesday. She told me that sounded strange and she would give them another call.

Mum and Dad got in early, Dad went off to try and find out what was happening care wise. Later on in the afternoon it all seemed to go mad, while Mum and Dad were there a lady from the pain team came up. She was working in Recovery when I worked there but now specialises in pain management. I have to admit I broke down when she came, partly relief I think and partly because I had been lying there in pain for 4 days. She went over the medication I was on, asked what I’d had in the past and we worked out a plan to move forward, she just needed to get a Doctor to prescribe it. While all this was going on a friend from the enterprise course came to visit me. She is starting a cake business, with a bit of a twist and her designs are stunning, I will have to add some pictures of them to my Facebook Page sometime. She brought me in a little cupcake, which was gorgeous, looking and tasting (although I didn’t eat it that day). Mum and Dad had left at this point, the amputee physios had come up but said they would come back later. Leah came to visit on her way home too, then after that it was just me, and Anna who stayed for ages. It was great to see her and find out that she will be working on the website next, to get all her lovely cakes seen by the world! Later the physio came back but said I couldn’t wear the stump sock yet as I still had the drain in. She measured my stump to see what size I should be wearing, whether it was the same as before or needed changing. She also mentioned that it was good for them to know I was there and they would come round and see me the next day. Many of the Nurses saw Anna’s cupcake and loved it, I passed on her details (after asking that was OK) and I hope she gets some future orders from them.

Later still, and after being asked by the nursing staff no doubt, a rather no idea member of the plastics team came to see me, yet again I mentioned the compression and yet again nothing happened. He did tell me that the blood transfusion seemed to be working as my haemoglobin level was up to 10, good news but I wanted to wait for the next result to make sure it didn’t dip again. The night didn’t go any better, when I asked for the new breakthrough medication I was told I wasn’t written up for it. I explained that I’d had a chat with the lady from the pain team and we had arranged for different medication, the nurse said she could see that but the Doctor hadn’t prescribed it yet. I had to wait an age for the nursing staff to get a doctor to get it sign, eventually I got the medication I desperately needed.

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