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A spanner in the works

Tuesday 5th November The Orthopaedic Team removed the dressing – taking a bit of healthy skin off with it in one place – it all looked good so they left it uncovered with just a small dressing on the main abscess site. We spoke about stage two surgery, the antibiotics (including the two weeks off […]

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Medication mayhem

Thursday 7th Mum woke me up at 08:00 for my medication but today I decided to get up then. I felt groggy and could easily have gone straight to sleep again but I really had to make the effort to get up and start conquering this. I have never had medication this strong before and […]

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More blood and goodies

Tuesday 26th February At 06:00 the second unit of blood came along, they hooked me up and I just lay there waiting for it to go through. It didn’t actually take too long before it had finished, I just had to wait and see if it did it’s job or not. A little later in […]

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