A parcel arrives

Saturday 9th March

All the alarms went of and all medication taken and my stump felt much better for it. Mum came in to wake me for my 08:00 medication binge but was a bit late as it was actually 08:20 tut tut, note to self set yet another alarm for the morning medication. I said I was going to stay in bed for a bit, they were going shopping so my note went back on the door for my parcel to arrive. The gate opening woke me with a start from a very deep sleep, I hear footsteps towards the front door and then the doorbell rang. With me still in bed my body got up as quick as it could, grabbed the crutches, wobbled out to the wheelchair where I slumped in it to cause a load of pain, wheeled to the front door as fast as I could while avoiding Cody, who was standing right in the middle of the hall way, grabbed the keys, unlocked the door and opened it. A nice smiley delivery person was on the other side with a box that didn’t look quite big enough to be holding all the goodies I had ordered. After a thank you I shut the door and the rest of me caught up to my body and I realised it was the sweetie hamper I had ordered from eBay. I opened the box and there was a lovely hand made hamper, I thought Mum would like to see it and what was inside so I left it to get washed and dressed. They got back late so we had dinner first and then it was time to open the hamper, I am such a big kid. Although it was an American sweet hamper there were some sweets that I remember having when I was young. I gave Mum and Dad the love hearts, bag of building bricks and the candy watch. At this point you may be going ahhhhh how sweet but it’s not really, I just don’t like them as they’re like eating chalk so I gave them away. There was a big tub of Marshmallow Fluff which I didn’t really know what to do with, on the side it had a suggestion of a nuttyfluffer which was a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. I had some peanut butter so thought I would give it a go and it was actually really nice, as a bonus the Marshmallow stops the peanut butter from sticking round your teeth and anywhere else it can bond too. I can’t explain it, you would just have to try if for yourself and if you go to the Marshmallow Fluff website it gives you loads of recipes you can make with it, even a chocolate cheesecake. I’m not skilled enough at making cheesecake but I know a couple of people who are. Trying to spend time with Cody is hard, as I can’t bend over in the wheelchair very far because of the stump. I’m trying to teach him to give me the ball or squeaky toy instead of dumping it on the floor when he gets back with it. I can just about manage to get off the wheelchair and on the floor with him, it’s a dangerous place to be though as he can easily tread on the stump, that would probably shoot me back into the wheelchair, which would be a cool trick. It’s a bit frustrating for me and I can see he’s a bit Solemn from not getting the fuss. If he acts like a tart and rolls on his back, as long as I have my right side next to him and I grab my left wheel rim then I can lean over sideways and give him a belly rub, but not for too long as it becomes painful. While being totally distracted by the Rugby and not having the willpower to switch the TV off I started doing my second blog post. When the Rugby had finally finished I did switch the TV off and carried on. I had to load the pictures from my phone to my laptop, edit a couple and it was all done and posted just before 22:00. It was an exceptionally long post though, maybe tomorrow I should try and time just how long it is taking this drugged up individual to write a post.

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