Another shower

Sunday 10th March

Bloody hell done it again and missed the last liquid meds, had the mass intake at 08:00 then rolled over and slept again. With only light breaks in the sleep I stayed there till someone phoned and woke me up not long before lunch. I did have time to squeeze in a wash and get into some clothes before sitting down to eat with the tray on my lap, as I still couldn’t get stump under the table. Dad and me spent some time working out a new breakthrough medication timetable so that I only had to wake up once at night. It meant dropping a dose out and some longer gaps a couple of times during the day but I would see how it worked out. I felt particularly groggy today and felt like I was getting a cold, nose only running from one nostril, a bit of a Cough and sore throat. I had some time to spend on the PC catching up with emails and Facebook while being distracted by the shocking 6 Nations Rugby match between England & Italy.

My Dad meets up with a family friend a couple of times a week to walk the dogs. They are an older couple and wanted to pop round and visit me, which was very nice of them. They brought me tin of Foxes biscuits, which was lovely but I may explode from all the food treats. They stayed a while and in no time it was teatime and then time for me to try another shower. I have had my new shower chair some time now, which has been brilliant. As it’s more made to measure the seat is not so deep and doesn’t slope back like the other one did. It also has a lovely padded seat and seemed to support the stump so much better. The back seems more upright and the whole chair is narrower too, I still find it higher than I would like but I had to compromise somewhere and that was where. Like the old one it came with arms and a commode pan, both of which we have taken off. Mum helped me with the shower and I just about found it manageable but couldn’t have sat there much longer. If I’d have had the old chair then I wouldn’t have been able to have a shower at all as I couldn’t have sat on that seat for any length of time. It was nowhere near as traumatic as the shower I had in the Hospital so that in itself must be an indication that things are getting better. I will probably be able to manage the next shower on my own, which I’ll be pleased about, as I like my independence. I may find I have slightly more washes than showers for a couple of weeks but as things get easier it will be showers more often.

After the shower and feeling refreshed I sat down to try and knock out another blog post, which I managed again just before 22:00. The cold never materialised any more but I feel now I’ve said that I may have tempted fate. An early start in the morning as I had an appointment with the Rehab Consultant at Addenbrooke’s at 10:30. I say an early start but not for the majority of people when I say 08:00, trust me I would rather be fit enough to be getting up and going to work early in the morning than feeling like poo, in pain and staying in bed most of the morning drugged stupid.

Shower Chair

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