Medication still knocking me out

Friday 8th

Oh God it happened again! The second night alarm didn’t go off so when Mum came in at 08:00 I was in loads of bloody pain again, you would think by now it should be getting a bit easier. So had my pills but was totally knackered still so stayed in bed, they went to lip reading (Dad’s hard of hearing) and I hardly woke till first it was the liquid fix and then the new phone went, which is set to 100 decibels and then after someone has left a message on the answer machine it bleeps about every 8 seconds. Believe it or not I actually dropped off again for a bit (which shows you how much this medication knocks me out) till they got home. Got washed and dressed after lunch and then hit the PC to try and get started on the blog. Thankfully I had transferred the first section of notes over to Word so had most of the information. I’m dreading doing the rest where I have to go through texts, Facebook Messages and emails to try and remember what happened. I did have to have breaks while I was writing as my medication makes concentrating really difficult, I’m still fighting my eyelids most of the time and staring at a screen makes it even worse. On a brighter note I was hoping to receive my American food parcel as I had a message yesterday to say it was on Parcel Force 48, OK I was being optimistic but there is no harm in that, I can hope. When I got up to go to the toilet first thing and remembered Mum and Dad would be out I thought I had better let the nice parcel delivery person know that there was someone in, but it could take a while for me to get to the door. I wrote out my little note and placed it in an eye-catching spot on the front door. It was all in vain though as my parcel never arrived but there was always the next day.

Delivery Person Note

2 Responses to “Medication still knocking me out”

  1. I was a victim of the dreaded Oxynorm & Oxycontin myself. The ‘ zombie’ sensation is almost as bad as the pain.
    Keep fighting it, eventually you will win.

    I hope you got your delivery!

    • Thank you very much, I did get my order and thankfully there was no break in taking it or I think I would be suffering withdrawal symptoms pretty quick off that stuff :) I’m hoping the pain will ease quickly so I can sort out a plan with my Doctor to slowly wean off them, fingers crossed anyway :) Thank you for your comment :)

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