Medication mayhem

Thursday 7th

Mum woke me up at 08:00 for my medication but today I decided to get up then. I felt groggy and could easily have gone straight to sleep again but I really had to make the effort to get up and start conquering this. I have never had medication this strong before and I am fighting the sleep the majority of the time. The will of the medication was strong but I had to try to be stronger, although it’s really not that easy. Part of me thought that if I need the sleep then I should have it but if it is forced sleep, which I suppose this is, then I should try a set a sleeping pattern and stick to it. I received a letter in the post from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, to say that an appointment had been made for me to see my Plastic Consultant on Tuesday 2nd April, which was much better than the 2-month time-frame given to me on Discharge. I had to phone the Doctors Surgery as the Hospital told me I had a weeks supply of Oxynorm, but I was taking the maximum dose, I’m no mathematician but even a monkey could work out that one bottle was not going to last a week. I asked them that if my Dad went down with the discharge letter and medication list would they be able to prescribe some more. I was told they could so in the morning dad went to the Surgery and took the letters with him. He came home and said I had to phone at 16:00 to see if it was ready. While Mum and Dad were out in the afternoon the surgery phoned to say the prescription was ready. When they got back from shopping they went down to pick it up for me. My Dad phoned to ask if I could last till about 13:30 the next day as the pharmacy didn’t have either of what I needed. I told him it would be a close call but there was nothing I could do anyway. The pharmacist told my Dad that they never have Oxycontin or Oxynorm in stock so as soon as I put in a repeat prescription I should call and let them know so they can order it in.

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