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Weekend blues

Having had such a good couple of days (apart from the very early pain issues) I was looking forward to the weekend, getting the blog posts done and maybe start some artwork. When Saturday morning came I was feeling anything but good, I’d hit a wall already. I didn’t want anything to eat, I felt […]

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A psychiatric assessment

Having been to the Liver Clinic on the Thursday (5th September) I was hoping to see the Consultant, to give him some information from that appointment. After them saying how they would help me and if I wanted to talk to anyone I could, no one came to see me Friday morning. I managed to […]

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Soooooo painful

I woke this morning with positivity and was going to get my leg on and go for a short walk, with Dad in tow again. The bruising looked a bit better first thing so already another positive was to be had, all in a short space of time. Unfortunately things started to landslide from here […]

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