A complete turnaround

A couple of days before my liver enzymes had spiked again, which we think was a reaction to one of the antibiotics. When the Infection Team came round they told me they had gone back to normal without any changes to the antibiotics, so all was good there.

I had a meeting with Ziggy the counsellor who was really nice. She gave me some information about how we think, function and feel, also how changes can affect them and how they can affect one another. I was emotional at times but it does help to talk a bit and get other people to look at things from a different perspective. It’s not a quick fix but just by taking a small element of positivity or coping mechanism away makes it worth it.

To my surprise the OT (Occupational Therapist) came to see me with what seemed like a list of concerns, she was also really surprised that the Orthopaedic and Infection teams were looking to get me straight home without going through the Community Hospital first. After the positivity of the day before about the possibility of going home this put me on a bit of a downer again. Apparently someone was going to get “robust” with Ely about them accepting me, so the new plan was to leap frog from Oxford to Ely then Home.

Wheelchair services contacted Dad reference sending someone out to assess adapting the wheelchair I have, Dad told them I was in Oxford so they said they would send someone round when I got home, Dad said that it would be too late then. In the end they said they would get one as close to the wheelchair I have now but with a leg rest on it, it would be sent to my house where Dad could bring it in for me. There must have been some contact between wheelchair services and the OT because she came back later and we were once again looking to go straight home.

It’s hard for the OT because I live so far away and she can’t actually go to the property and see the setup for herself. She asked for couple of door measurements and a hallway one and if photos could be sent of my bedroom and bathroom layout. I asked for certain equipment that I thought I would need, which only consisted of about five items. I was told
my local Community OT may also have to come out and do an assessment again, oh joy, to sign it off as safe and achievable.


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