A question about bacteria

Wednesday 30th October

It’s not until you’ve been bitten in the bum, or knee in my case…..well scratched……oh you know what I mean, like this that you think about bacteria and infections. As a curiosity question for the Infection Team I asked that if, for example, you had dry skin which broke open or a cut in your undercarriage area and faeces or urine came into contact with it while it was bleeding or open, is it that simple for bacteria to get in to the body like that or is there more to it? I was told that even just cleaning your teeth introduces bacteria in to the body but in terms of being harmful it depends on what the bacteria is and how aggressive it is. Some bacteria can be friendly or have no affect while others can be harmfully or even dangerous. If it can’t get into the blood stream then it is less likely to do any damage. Bacteria will make a beeline for anything prosthetic, i.e. metal, plastic, etc., which helps to explain why if I get an infection it is always in my knee.

The OT (Occupational Therapist) took down the details she’d asked for and I showed her the photos Dad had emailed me of the bedroom and bathroom, this gave her a slightly better idea of the situation and layout. The wheelchair services chair had arrived at home and I asked Dad to take the arms off of it before he brought it in. I had to use the arms on the Hospital chair, it can be time consuming and difficult having to take them on and off for transferring, especially as they have been battered to death and bent. I also asked Dad to take the mud guards off of my usual wheelchair, which would make transferring slightly easier should I need to use that one at all.

Physio came do some bending and straightening which went OK and I managed to get about 40 degrease. She did say the grinding tends to decrease after a while where the friction rubs the cement smoother, I’ll update you on that one.

Despite all the above I’d had a hide away under the duvet day where I slept quite a lot. Very first thing in the morning I was either asleep or half asleep when a nerve must have jumped in my leg, I’m not sure if it was the angle my leg was at or what but it was so painful it affected the knee all the way down to my toes. I had to start having some break through pain relief that I hadn’t needed for the last few days so it was a bit gutting but theses things happen. I had the dressing changed and everything looked OK, the gauze covering both abscess sites were stuck on where they had been bleeding so the Nurse left them in situ.

It was also the day when they started me on the antidepressants. It can take a couple of weeks to get into the system and be really effective. Only time would tell but I needed something to get me out of the rut and quickly.

Knee 30-10-13

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