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A complete turnaround

A couple of days before my liver enzymes had spiked again, which we think was a reaction to one of the antibiotics. When the Infection Team came round they told me they had gone back to normal without any changes to the antibiotics, so all was good there. I had a meeting with Ziggy the […]

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A change of plan

Wow, its been a month since I last published a post. I’ve had quite a few just sitting there already written, just haven’t been on a the computer much to posted them. There have been a few reasons for that but before I explain them it’s only right I should get you up to date, […]

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A psychiatric assessment

Having been to the Liver Clinic on the Thursday (5th September) I was hoping to see the Consultant, to give him some information from that appointment. After them saying how they would help me and if I wanted to talk to anyone I could, no one came to see me Friday morning. I managed to […]

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