Becoming more mobile

Thursday 31st October

Orthopaedic team came round and told me I could bend the knee as much as comfortable if that made it easier to get home, which it would. This was only if it was for a short time i.e. to get into a room where a straight leg wouldn’t allow, the leg should be straight at all other times.They asked me about my bend, it has a small natural bend when I sleep on my side, I started bending the knee up and they were quite impressed with how much bend I got. Weight bearing was still for transfers only and nothing else. There was a chance I could snap the cement spacer but apparently it’s not the end of the world but not ideal because of small particles floating around.

The infection team came round but I had very little news or update from them, as far as they were concerned I was on the right antibiotics and I had to run the course. They did ask if the IV Team had been round to teach me how to self administer but they hadn’t.

When the Physio came round we started with some knee bending and then moved on to the transfer while weight bearing. When transferring like this I had to wear the big brace, even with that on I was still more than a little hesitant. The brace is more to support the sides of the knee to stop it from collapsing in or out. Everything went OK and it wasn’t as bad as I expected which gave me a bit of confidence about doing it again, but not over confident that I’d do something to damage it in any way. To be honest I wasn’t completely fully weight bearing and if I can avoid it I will. Next we practiced lowering and raising the leg rest on the wheelchair, where I managed to get a 40 degree bend, this gives me the advantage of a smaller turning circle, which makes a big difference.

The OT (Occupational Therapist) had asked if my Dad could bring in both the Wheelchair Services and my Quickie wheelchair so she could see them. Later she changed her mind and just wanted the Quickie brought in but by that time Dad had already left. It was good for me to see the Wheelchair Services chair and we had a play with my brace on bending and straightening the leg rest on it. The Hospital wheelchair allows you to smoothly lower the leg rest while the Wheelchair Services one has more of a ratchet system to it. Now I’m not sure if Dad didn’t have hold of my leg or I didn’t have hold of the brace but for what ever reason when we twisted the bit to unlock and lower the leg, the leg rest dropped to the floor and my leg followed. As you can imagine this was extremely painful but it was just one of those things. It was yet another day of being pretty sleepy because of the amount of breakthrough pain medication I was taking.

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