Need a new bed to get home!

Friday 1st November

From the Physio and the incident with the leg I was in a lot of pain and taking my break though medication at every time I was allowed to have it. This of course wiped me out and I slept my way through most of the day. The only time I got up was for meals and medication. The eating and appetite situation hadn’t changed much, neither had my mood it’s easier to sleep the days away when you feel like this. I did manage to do one thing, my bedroom has a double bed in it, it’s the only room I can’t get the wheelchair into because of the bed. I’ve always parked my wheelchair in my living room and used my crutches to get in the bedroom to bed. It was suggested when I had my amputation that I go back to a single bed. Well, I was quite attached to my bed and because, in theory, I should be able to wear the prosthetic leg all day I would be able to walk in there in time. After nearly two years and numerous stays in Hospital I’m realising that this is probably never going to be the case and for some time had been thinking about the single bed option. This infection and surgery has forced my hand and reluctantly I had to buy a single bed or there was no way I was getting home. I found a bed frame that was similar to what I already had and a quality mattress, which was all next day delivery and tried to order it online. For some reason there seemed to be a problem their end so I phoned them. I placed the order and was told it would be processed Monday and delivered Tuesday, and so the deed was done.

Saturday 2nd November

We can scrub Saturday out, bugger all happened except for, food, drugs and sleep, it’s like bloody Ground Hog day in here.

Sunday 3rd November

Great timing for a change as the Physio came round while Mum and Dad were visiting. For some reason the OT (Occupational Therapist) had wanted the Quickie wheelchair to stay here till she returned on the Monday, the Wheelchair Services one had been taken back home. I put the brace on and transferred in to the Quickie, I managed to bend the knee to just under 40 degrees but it was reasonably comfortable and I thought I would be able to manage like that for a short time should I need to. We all decided that was really the only thing we could do with that chair so we made the executive decision for it to go back home, which it did. It also dawned on us that we kept banging on about being able to turn the wheelchair around in the bedroom but I didn’t really need to. As long as I could drive or reverse in and transfer to the bed all I had to do was reverse the process to get out again, simples!

Frank Bosworth Kyoto

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