The start of a hopeful week

Monday 4th November

Monday, the start of another week, but this was no ordinary week because I was hoping be going home! The Orthopaedic Team came round and said I was good to go, the Infection Team  came round and said I was good to go and Physio said I was good to go. It all came down to the OT (Occupational Therapist) and the IV (Intravenous) Team now, my release rested firmly in their hands. The bed should be delivered on Tuesday, the OT equipment we asked for should be delivered on Wednesday, so we were looking to go home on Thursday, provided the IV Team could teach me to self medicate by then.

The IV Team turned up late afternoon and gave me a run through, some of it I could remember from working in Hospitals but other bits were new to me. The Nurses on the Ward had been told not to give me my antibiotics the next day as the IV Team would come up and supervise me doing it myself. It must cost a fortune just in training as you use all the proper medication and kit, still maybe they save on the Community Nurse having to come out every day so it evens itself out.

As I was still not eating much they put in a referral for a dietitian to see me, which we hoped they would do before I left the Hospital. I was given a couple of bottles of Ensure Plus, which is like a supplement drink to give me some of the vitamins and stuff I’m not getting from food.

The Chinese lady left in the afternoon and an Indian lady came in her place, she was very nice and think I’ve been in a Ward with most ethnicities now. There was another lady in the bay who had Spina Bifida so I learnt about that too, I found it was quite educational in there.

Ensure Plus

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