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Tuesday 3rd February Today was the day of the Colonoscopy. I’ve had one before without sedation about 4 years ago, It wasn’t too bad just a bit uncomfortable when the camera goes round the corners. They started with one size camera but had to get a smaller one, I’m pretty careful with my money, this […]

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Made to feel at fault

Just as I was eating my supper yesterday the two Consultants I have had, a sister and the SHO came round to chat with me. As I was half way through munching my banana they said they would see someone else and come back. I thought they were probably going to have a chat about […]

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I thought I would do a post on drugs, or should I say medication, which I thought some people may find interesting and give others a greater understanding of what I’ve been taking and the effects. What I say here is only personal to me and other people may have, or have had different experiences […]

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