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My 2nd Ampuversary

10th November Sunday 10th November was my 2nd Ampuversary, apart from a small post I put on Facebook it slipped by mainly unnoticed. It wasn’t quite how I’d expected and envisioned it to be and there was very little, in fact nothing to celebrate. I’d expected to be running off a list of achievements and […]

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‘The Amputee’ a year on

Today is my 1st Ampuversary, I’m sure there’s no official word for this so I decided to make my own. Wow, can you believe, it a year ago today I had my left leg removed above the knee, became an amputee and my life changed forever. What a roller coaster year it’s been, plenty of […]

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Update and camp prep

Unusually I have been doing what I was told and taking things easy, which is why the blog has been quiet, so it’s time for an update on where I am right now. As instructed I didn’t wear my prosthetic leg for just over 5 days while taking anti-inflammatories. Last Sunday I tried my leg […]

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