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A trip out and a move

Monday 27th January Friday and the weekend were uneventful, although apart from Friday I was feeling better. I was ultra-frustrated all weekend with the internet connection on my phone stopping me from practicing the meditation techniques. The day of the Endoscopy had arrived, the Ambulance collected me at 08:30 for my 09:00 appointment. A Nurse […]

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Feeling depressed

Thursday 23rd January I slept nearly all morning after a late night but felt OK apart from feeling tried. The downside of me being asleep is that the Orthopaedic Team didn’t wake me up and let me be. I find this really frustrating so I had to wait and hope they came round the next […]

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Made to feel at fault

Just as I was eating my supper yesterday the two Consultants I have had, a sister and the SHO came round to chat with me. As I was half way through munching my banana they said they would see someone else and come back. I thought they were probably going to have a chat about […]

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