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The Amputee blog 2012 in review

As you all know I write this blog with the hope that readers may be able to take something from reading it. Knowledge, help, a laugh, reassurance, whatever it is, as long as it helps it makes it worth writing. I consider myself very lucky to have many readers from different parts of the world, […]

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Only three days left!

Friday, the day everyone looks forward to the most and the start of the relaxing weekend. For me it signals blind panic and announces that I only have three full days left to get 2 projects completed. I hope this doesn’t mean a 72hr marathon to get them both done. One of them is my […]

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Help for all amputees

Today a package arrived and I noticed by the postmark that it was from the Limbless Association http://www.limbless-association.org/ . I had decided to join them the other day and joined as a lifetime member at a cost of £150 as opposed to the yearly £20. There was stacks of brochures and information in the pack […]

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