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A spanner in the works

Tuesday 5th November The Orthopaedic Team removed the dressing – taking a bit of healthy skin off with it in one place – it all looked good so they left it uncovered with just a small dressing on the main abscess site. We spoke about stage two surgery, the antibiotics (including the two weeks off […]

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A psychiatric assessment

Having been to the Liver Clinic on the Thursday (5th September) I was hoping to see the Consultant, to give him some information from that appointment. After them saying how they would help me and if I wanted to talk to anyone I could, no one came to see me Friday morning. I managed to […]

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Wet weather and swimming

Although I kept my fingers crossed our luck with the weather didn’t hold and Wednesday was the first bad weather day. The low cloud covered the tops of the Mountains, it was drizzling and looked set in for the day. Thinking it may not turn to really heavy rain we decided to travel along the […]

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