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The start of a hopeful week

Monday 4th November Monday, the start of another week, but this was no ordinary week because I was hoping be going home! The Orthopaedic Team came round and said I was good to go, the Infection Team  came round and said I was good to go and Physio said I was good to go. It […]

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Becoming more mobile

Thursday 31st October Orthopaedic team came round and told me I could bend the knee as much as comfortable if that made it easier to get home, which it would. This was only if it was for a short time i.e. to get into a room where a straight leg wouldn’t allow, the leg should […]

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Your doing better than you think

Gail who is another lady in my group is lovely but the whole amputation thing has been much harder for her than it has been for me. She is one of a minority group as she is a through knee amputee, a very rare breed, and when we spoke in the past I gave her […]

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