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A spanner in the works

Tuesday 5th November The Orthopaedic Team removed the dressing – taking a bit of healthy skin off with it in one place – it all looked good so they left it uncovered with just a small dressing on the main abscess site. We spoke about stage two surgery, the antibiotics (including the two weeks off […]

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The start of a hopeful week

Monday 4th November Monday, the start of another week, but this was no ordinary week because I was hoping be going home! The Orthopaedic Team came round and said I was good to go, the Infection Team  came round and said I was good to go and Physio said I was good to go. It […]

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A change of plan

Wow, its been a month since I last published a post. I’ve had quite a few just sitting there already written, just haven’t been on a the computer much to posted them. There have been a few reasons for that but before I explain them it’s only right I should get you up to date, […]

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